Speaker Submission

  1. Please see my website and consider inviting me to speak at your vegfest!


  2. What’s the website?


  3. Jean-Christian Jury

    Hi there,

    my name is Jean-Christian Jury, Vegan Chef, Cookbook Author and International Speaker specialized in Vegan Food and Vegan Cooking in Paris, London, Zurich, Mexico, New Delhi, Mallorca and Vancouver. I will be very pleased to participate as a speaker during your event.

    My food author page:

    Kind regards,

    Jean-Christian Jury


  4. Hello- Thanks for putting such a wonderful event together with a focus on compassion and positive advocacy! I would love to volunteer my time as speaker. I reside in the ABQ area and I have 25+ years experience as an advocate and speaker, focusing on empowering others and connecting respect for animals with their personal values. I authored the book “Letters to myself before I was vegan, have been involved in animal sanctuaries, I have no website, but would be happy to share outline of presentation by way of email. Thanks so much for your time and consideration and most of all for your respect for all beings!

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  5. Hello-
    Thank you for putting together such a wonderful event focused on compassion and positive advocacy for all beings! I would love to give my time as a speaker for the event. I have 25+ years experience as an advocate and public speaker for animals. I focus on empowering individuals to make the connection between veganism and the values they already hold. I have published the book “Letter to myself before I was vegan” and been involved with animal sanctuaries. I have no website but would love to share with you my outline as a speaker if interested. Thank you so much for your time, consideration and most of all for your respect for all beings!


  6. Hello,

    I would like to express my interest in speaking at your 2018 VegFest.

    I am a 15 year old vegan and sanctuary operator. I founded my farmed animal sanctuary, Happy Hen Chicken Rescue, when I was eleven years old. Since then, we have rescued over 600 animals from the food industry and spread a message of love and veganism around the world. I’m also a social media coordinator for multiple animal rights networks. I spoke at the 2017 National Animal Rights Conference, and the San Francisco March To Close All Slaughterhouses.

    I live in San Luis Obispo, CA but I would love to come out and speak at the ABQ VegFest.
    Let me know! Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you:)


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