About the Organizer, Nancy Arenas

na ar.JPG

Six years ago, a conversation with an old college friend changed the direction of Nancy Arenas’ life.  Over the course of an afternoon, her friend detailed the differences between his vegan lifestyle and Nancy’s vegetarian existence.  Encouraged by his compassion for animals, his concern for the planet, and his devotion to a vegan existence, Nancy knew in her heart that the moment was right for a change…since that conversation, Nancy has lived each day as a dedicated vegan.

With the goal of creating a more passionate, animal friendly world, Nancy organized the first  Red and Green Vegfest in 2016.  These events are organized to raise awareness about eating toxin free “do-no-harm” foods, foster compassion for animals, and advocate for healing the planet.

In addition to her passion for the vegan lifestyle, Nancy has a diverse array of interests.  She has devoted herself to dance and movement, founding “Dancing With the Bars,” a class focusing on fitness and serenity, and hosting Fusion Dances to encourage dance as a lifetime activity.  Over the last 8 years, Ms. Arenas has performed many weddings and other ceremonies as a non-denominational minister in the Heartnsole, Church of Movement for the Body, Mind and Soul. Nancy is also an internationally published author, whose many titles include a vegan’s children’s book, “What Does Vegan Mean.”She is also the publisher of the electronic magazine New Mexico Vegan.  She lives in Albuquerque with her furry friend Arwen.

  1. Nancy, I wish I could be there for the event, but I live in Naples, Florida. I wish you all the success!

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