Here are some great reasons to attend the Red and Green Red and Green VegFest Albuquerque 2016

The Speakers

We have a fantastic roster of speakers, speaking on a range of topics.

  1. The Cooking Demonstrators

The cooking demonstrators showcase a great variety of culinary talent; and you really don’t want to miss the demos!

  1. Learn Not Just Why, but HOW 

Think of it as a vegan starter kit.  Many people want to lessen or exclude the animal products that they’re eating, but finding difficulty figuring out HOW. In order to succeed you need to know how.

  1. Source Allergy-Friendly and Ethical Products

Not only can you find vegan alternatives, but Red and Green VegFest Albuquerque 2016 also tends to attract businesses that make products for all kinds of allergies and sensitivities.  Overall, there’s a much stronger awareness and sensitivity amongst product manufacturers that serve the vegan community.

  1. Show New Mexico that Vegans are a Consumer Group worth Serving

If as vegans we don’t even support our own vegan events, we can’t expect other businesses to provide vegan options for us.  So if you’re vegan, come to the Red and Green VegFest Albuquerque 2016 to show some love to the businesses that serve you and make your life easier and more delicious, and if you’re not vegan, come and see what all the fuss is about!

  1. The FOOD!

Oh right. The food!! If you come to the Red and Green VegFest Albuquerque 2016 hungry I can guarantee you won’t leave that way.

Our theme this year is, ‘Eat Without Violence’, that means no harm food for your body, no suffering for the animals and healing the planet.

Keep up with the progress and schedule for the Red and Green VegFest Albuquerque 2016 at:

flyer ragvf2016892015


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